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Legal Services Division


Information Sheet 1 - Copyright fundamentals

Information Sheet 2 - General copyright exceptions and limitations, i.e. what can I legally copy, use or provide without seeking special permission from the copyright holder?


Information Sheet 3 - Copyright and lectures, CamTools/Moodle/other VLEs, i.e. What can I legally copy and provide for instructional purposes in lectures and restricted VLEs? 


Information Sheet 4 - Copyright and online publication/dissemination, i.e. What can I legally copy and provide in Faculty/Departmental websites, social media, streaming services?


Information Sheet 5 - Consents and copyright rules for capturing University events for University non-commercial  informational and promotional purposes (not research purposes) by photograph, film or other recording i.e. for upload and dissemination for non-commercial use on Faculty/Departmental and other University websites, the University Computing Service (UCS) Streaming Media Service (SMS) and other University dissemination services


Special Issues

Copyright & Dissertations